White House Salutes Delaware State Treasury

Press Release Issued by Delaware State Treasury:

For immediate release, May 15, 2012
Contact: Deputy State Treasurer Erika J. Benner at (302) 672-6700 or erika.benner@state.de.us

White House salutes Delaware State Treasury’s efforts to empower Delawareans

DOVER — The White House highlighted Delaware State Treasurer Chip Flowers on Monday as one of three state treasurers who are “empowering Americans to make smart financial decisions.”

A statement from the White House’s Office of Intergovernmental Affairs stated: “Under Delaware State Treasurer Chip Flowers’ leadership, Delaware has created an Economic Index, which summarizes key state and national economic data in a clear and coherent way so that Delawareans can better understand their state’s finances. Flowers’ office also issues a monthly Prosperity Portal which provides financial education resources for everyone from young adults and families to small businesses. Attending college, caring for the elderly, getting married, and so many other key life moments can bring on great financial challenges. That’s why Flowers’ office, like so many others, provides these types of helpful resources.”

Upon learning of the news, Flowers stated, “I am deeply honored and appreciative that the White House is recognizing the importance of the Delaware State Treasury’s Economic Index and Prosperity Portal in promoting economic and financial information to Delawareans. Over the past year, with the support of the General Assembly and Delawareans, we have modernized and revamped this important office to meet the challenges of today’s 21st century global economy. Without question, the Economic Index and Prosperity Portal are just a few of the many innovative ideas that have been developed to assist Delawareans in our collective effort to restore prosperity to the First State.”

The White House statement also saluted the work of Maryland State Treasurer Nancy Kopp and Rhode Island State Treasurer Gina Raimondo for their efforts to promote financial literacy in their states.

In a recent proclamation marking National Financial Capability Month, President Obama declared, “the resilience and ingenuity of our people are driving our economic recovery, and as we lay the foundation for an America built to last, we must also promote a financial system that is fair and sound for all…. We recommit to ensuring everyone has access to the information and tools that empower them to operate safely and smartly in the marketplace.”

About the Delaware State Treasury

The mission of the Delaware State Treasury, the cornerstone of the state’s financial system, is to restore economic prosperity to the First State by providing critical financial services for the People of the State of Delaware. Led by Delaware State Treasurer Chip Flowers, the Delaware State Treasury works with public, private and nonprofit organizations to present financial clarity to all Delawareans through its four divisions – Executive Office of the State Treasurer, Office of Finance and Treasury Services, Office of Disbursements and Reconciliations and the Office of Economic Policy. For more information on the Delaware State Treasury, you can visit www.treasury.delaware.gov, send an email to statetreasurer@state.de.us, or call 302-672-6700.

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