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The Archives of the Honorable Chip Flowers Jr
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Chipman L. Flowers, Jr. Esq.

Welcome to the official archives of Chip Flowers, Jr., Massachusetts resident and former Delaware State Treasurer and Co-Chair of the National Democratic State Treasurers. Flowers, who made over $55 million during his term while restructuring, managing and protecting the State of Delaware’s $2 billion investment portfolio in a difficult economic climate, made history in November 2010 by becoming the first African-American elected to statewide office in Delaware (at the age of 35).

During his four year term in office, Flowers established a relationship among his fellow state treasurers and the White House and proposed bold ideas (including creating a state stock index, economic index and economic early warning system), while fostering important economic and financial policy debates. By seeking unprecedented reforms to a state financial system that had failed to keep pace with the demands of the 21st century global economy, Flowers was able to adopt many innovative ideas through his “Standing Up for Change” campaign.

Due to the generosity of private supporters and donors, this archive is dedicated to the significant achievements and contributions of one of Delaware’s most accomplished leaders. Over the next year, the “Flowers Papers Project” will provide an unparalleled level of information to the public highlighting the historic policy debates, decisions, and achievements made by Flowers and his administration during his term in public office.

Documents, writings, photographs, correspondence, recordings and materials from his historic campaign and term as State Treasurer will be made available via this website on an ongoing basis through the Flowers Papers Project. Beginning with his seminal work, “The Flowers Framework for Restoring Prosperity” and concluding with his “Fourth Report of the Delaware State Treasury,” the archives will provide a detailed view of the inner workings of his campaigns, state government, the politics of inclusion and exclusion, controversial media coverage and a failed political strategy by his opponents to derail his career in public service that ultimately led to a historic transformation of Delaware politics. Despite strong political popularity and leads in election polls, Flowers decided not to seek re-election and to relocate to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to “engage in the great policy debates” and continue his career serving the public in one of the leading states of our time.

Flowers, along with his wife, Megan, reside in Boston, Massachusetts, where they have maintained strong ties since 2004. Flowers is also a distinguished attorney and business owner and currently serves as President and Managing Member of The Flowers Counsel Group, LLC, a law firm he founded in 2006. The couple is very active in Massachusetts Democratic politics and are supportive of arts and humanities organizations in the area, including the Massachusetts Historical Society, the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston, and the Boston Athenaeum.

Though his policy work and public service may continue for years to come in Massachusetts, this archive will preserve and memorialize Chip Flowers’ achievements in Delaware and Massachusetts for future generations and will encourage individuals to make a difference by “standing up for change.”

Discover, or rediscover, the key accomplishments and issues addressed by The Honorable Chip Flowers, Jr., Esq., during his historic term as State Treasurer and his work in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Additional documents will be released on a continual basis, so please visit our site often for more information!