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The Framework

The Flowers Framework for Restoring Prosperity to Delaware

In 2010, in the midst of the nation’s worst economic climate since The Great Depression, The Honorable Chip Flowers, then a candidate for State Treasurer, proposed and released a series of innovative reforms aimed at creating jobs, promoting economic growth and saving taxpayer funds.  The proposal, entitled, “The Flowers Framework for Restoring Prosperity” contained 18 specific ideas to assist Delaware in competing in today’s 21st century global economy.  It emphasizes four core themes: fiscal responsibility, economic growth and stimulating businesses, planning and forecasting and revamping our financial agencies

The framework was released on the anniversary of the inauguration of President Thomas Jefferson (March 4, 1801), since the document was based upon many key concepts and principles not only offered by Jefferson, but also Alexander Hamilton. Additionally, some of the ideas set forth in the framework were based upon the economic polices promoted by former President Bill Clinton – “Clinton economics” – which Flowers promoted and advocated while in office.  Not only did many of the ideas in the framework lead to Flowers and his administration achieving over $55 million in returns and having positive returns 31 out of 38 months, but they fostered some of the most important policy debates experienced in Delaware in decades.

Beginning with the following paragraph that exemplified his strong belief in the public spirit, the Framework launched the political career of this innovative leader:

“Ideas that better mankind do not belong to individuals, they belong to the People.  It is in this spirit that I offer for the People’s review and acceptance a framework aimed at restoring prosperity to Delaware through the state Treasurer’s Office.”

To view a copy of the Flowers Framework, click here.