Travel Audit Support Treasurer Flowers’ Travel

Official Statement by the Delaware State Treasury issued on July 30, 2014 upon release of audit report supporting State Treasurer Chip Flowers’ Travel (for additional information, visit

“Earlier today, the independent Office of the Auditor of Accounts for the State of Delaware released its official audit report (the “Report”) of the State of Delaware’s purchasing card program that focuses on travel and direct reimbursements for appointed and elected officials. The extensive Report verified that Delaware State Treasurer Chip Flowers used the State of Delaware purchase card only for legitimate business expenses and never made any personal charges. The Report is the result of an extensive and conclusive review undertaken by the Office of the Auditor of Accounts on the purchasing card activity of appointed and elected officials, including the Governor, Secretary of Transportation and the State Treasurer.

Upon the release of the report, State Treasurer Flowers stated at a press conference held this morning, “I am pleased that the Report verified the Treasury’s position from the outset, that I have served honorably and my travel has been for legitimate business purposes to serve the People of Delaware. I am grateful the Report found that all my spending, including travel to conferences and meetings, was proper. All reimbursements relating to my travel were received and properly allocated by the Treasury. I am also grateful that the Auditor of Accounts recognized the successful changes made by the Treasury to establish proper oversight for our internal credit card program, and I am hopeful that the recommendations outlined in the Report for other state agencies and those already adopted by the Treasury will be undertaken by the appropriate authorities.”

Flowers further stated, “I commend the Office of the Auditor of Accounts for conducting a professional, thorough and fair review of the State credit card and travel programs. Despite the serious political pressure surrounding the Report, we are appreciative that Auditor Wagner and his team issued a non-partisan, fact-based analysis – a testament of their level of professionalism and service to the public.”

The Report not only supports the Treasury’s and the State Treasurer’s original comments to the public, but it also disproves claims and misleading statements that have been repeated on numerous occasions by certain media sources, including The News Journal. Based on the findings of the Report, the Treasury is warning the public to exercise caution and perform due diligence when reading any information about the Delaware State Treasury and the State Treasurer in The News Journal , as the Treasury believes that information may be presented inaccurately or in a misleading manner in the publication. We encourage the public to read pages 2, 11 & 12.

Treasurer Flowers further stated, “We believe even today’s article in the News Journal is misleading and was an intentional effort to mislead the public since the publication was wrong – plain and simple. The Gannett Company has been contacted with a request to remove and replace all individuals assigned to the Treasury, including the paper’s investigative editor. Action will be taken. As an elected official, we expect a certain level of attacks from those who resist efforts to improve Delaware. However, when the public is denied the truth by those seeking to promote their own agenda, the People suffer the consequences. As such, it is the responsibility of our government and those who report on our government to ensure that wrongs are righted and the truth prevails – then, and only then, will we achieve our true goal of government of the People, by the People and for the People.”

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