Endorsement Statement from State Treasurer Chip Flowers


I am forever grateful that the People of Delaware have given me the opportunity to serve them over the past four years. Together, we made historic changes and accomplishments by challenging the establishment and made millions for the state. I enjoyed every minute of these important policy debates that have reshaped our treasury to meet the needs of the 21st century. Again, thank you.

With respect to the upcoming election, I remain supportive of my fellow Democrats throughout our state and I am encouraged by a number of new candidates putting forth new ideas to improve Delaware by challenging the status quo! It makes me very proud that the door has been opened for others to follow.

With respect to the state treasurer’s race, I have spent my career standing for the fundamental principle that ideas matter over endorsements. Based upon this principle and the questionable actions over the last 60 days, I cannot in good conscience endorse a candidate for this office. Rather, I encourage voters to support the candidate who has not only campaigned with the highest integrity, but has the financial education and experience to manage our $2 billion portfolio, will continue the “Honest Way” reforms to the Cash Board which have made over $50 million in returns for Delaware and supports mandatory background checks for those state employees having access to our state financial accounts.

I am confident that the People of Delaware will make the right choice and send a strong message on Election Day. Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful day.



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